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Naomi & Her Handsome Devils – US

Naomi Uyama has been steeped in classic jazz from the swing era since beginning her lindy hop career at the tender age of 16. After going crazy for swing dancing, winning international awards, and teaching around the world she began to focus more and more on the music. She began singing and studying, moving to New York City for more access to the growing traditional jazz scene there. After getting to work with some of the lindy scene’s most prominent bands she decided to form her own project- the Handsome Devils.
As the idea took shape the focus was on choosing the right guys. The musicians had to be great players, have respect for dancers, and work well together on and off the bandstand. The Devils were all hand picked from the top talent in the classic jazz scenes of New York and Chicago. Though formed recently the individual members have decades of experience swinging hard and keeping dancers happy.

Professor Cunningham & His Old School featuring Wycliffe Gordon – US
Professor Cunningham and his Old School is a New Orleans style group that has been together since late 2012 and has already performed at Boston Swing Central, Club Helsinki, Swingeasy (NYC), BABBLE, and Gypsy Jam. Its focus is on the swinging tradition of New Orleans. The Professor’s syllabus is taken from the finest New Orleans repertoire, from Sidney Bechet to Fats Domino, catered to the lindy hop dancers. The Professor and his group focuses on music that makes you wanna move!

Wycliffe Gordon – US
Musical ambassador and interpreter of America’s music, Wycliffe Gordon experiences an impressive career touring the world performing hard-swinging, straight-ahead jazz receiving great acclaim from audiences and critics alike. His unmatched modern mastery of the plunger mute and his exceptional technique and signature sound, has solidified Gordon a place in musical history known as one of the top trombonists of his generation. The Critics seem to agree. Wycliffe was named “Best in Trombone” by the Downbeat Critics Poll three years running now (2014, 2013 & 2012) and Jazz Journalists Association named him “Trombonist of the Year” in 2013, as well as previous years 2001, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012. He is a past recipient of the ASCAP Foundation Vanguard Award, among others. In addition to an extremely successful solo career, Gordon tours regularly leading the Wycliffe Gordon Quartet, headlining at legendary jazz venues and performing arts centers throughout the world. Gordon is a former veteran member of the Wynton Marsalis Septet, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and has been a featured guest artist on Billy Taylor’s “Jazz at the Kennedy Center” Series. Gordonʼs extensive performance experience includes work with many of the most renowned jazz performers of the past and present. His “Jazz a la Carte” show, which debuted at the Apollo Theatre, was named one of the “top five best moments in jazz” for the year 2011!

Stockholm Swing All Stars – Sweden

Since the conception in 2002, The Stockholm Swing All Stars have had great success touring all over Scandinavia, playing in concert halls, at jazz festivals and in clubs. The tailor-made arrangements highlight the various members’ personalities. The music is full of energy and swing, sometimes virtuosic, sometimes quietly beautiful. Challenging, yet inviting. After releasing three CD’s, the band now proudly presents its first DVD. It was recorded during last years 10-year anniversary concert in the Stockholm Concert Hall.

Gentlemen & Gangesters

Gentlemen & Gangsters play hot jazz with all the flair and sophistication of true gentlemen, coupled with the ruthless brutality of hardened gangsters. Like a devious conspiracy from a bygone era, this shady syndicate of jazz kingpins plot for world domination from their secret location in a run down part of Gothenburg. Armed with drumsticks instead of knuckle dusters and trombones instead of tommy guns these deranged masterminds spread mayhem, joy, and decadence wherever they go.

Hot Sugar Band

The Hot Sugar Band takes you right back to the 1930′s ballrooms of Harlem, straight in to the golden age of Jazz. They are young and inspired by the greatest such as Fat's Waller, Count Basie, John Kirby, Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt and they will without a doubt make you move.

Hasse Ling & His Syncopators of Swing- Sweden
Hasse Ling and his Syncopators of swing play music from the 1930- and 40’s. With one leg in rhythm & blues and the other one in jazz this band brings a broad diversity of swing music for the dancers to enjoy.

Lennart Talks/PresentationsAll presentations will take place between 8pm and 9pm in room C4 in Clarion Hotel. They will all be hosted by Lennart Westerlund and will include film clips and sometime invited guests. More information will follow.


If you have bought either Dance only or Dinner and Dance on New Year’s Eve at The Snowball, and you at all have the possibility to visit us earlier during the event, before the 31st, to pick up your ticket it would be much appreciated and also help making everything smoother on New Year’s Eve.

If you want to send someone to pick up your ticket for you, please send us an email first with name of the person coming. The Snowball reception is open during the evenings, 28th -30th 9.00p.m.-11.00p.m.


On the 31st:

If you can’t come earlier to collect your ticket, we will open the snowball reception at 5.00 p.m. for those coming for the dinner and 9.00 p.m for those of you coming for the dance.


The Snowball crew

Strictly Lindy Hop

This will be a social Lindy Hop competition open to all levels. Dancers register as couples and will be chosen by the judges to dance the final. Judges will look for musicality, partnership and technique. Thw winning couple will be qualified to participate in the Champions Cup at the Savoy Cup 2019.

Entry fee: 150 SEK per person

Januari 1Naomi & Her Handsome Devils goes on stage 8PM tonight!December 29Single tickets at the door:29th - 80 tickets (from 6PM)30th - 80 tickets (from 9PM)31st - No tickets at the door1st - 100 tickets at least... (from 6PM)

December 30

The Snowball slow dance contest, will happen 3am the 31st (the night between the 30th and the 31st) in Clarion Upper. 

Show up with a partner, no entry fee! Open for everyone! We'll DJ the best slow swing and blues. Any style of dancing goes. Awards and great honor to the winners!

December 30
Kyle Smith Talk Tonight in C4 at 7pm - 8pm:

Be all the DJs you can be

December 30

Lennart Westerlund Talk Tonight in C4 at 6pm - 7pm:

Contests and Competitions

Lindy Hop competitions have been a part of the dance form ever since it was born in Harlem in the late 1920´s. Tonight´s presentation will deal with both historical aspects as well as contemporary. Our special guests for tonight include three recognized personalities representing different aspects of Lindy Hop competitions: Sylvia Sykes, Kenneth Norbelie and Mikaela Hellsten.

December 29

Lennart Westerlund Talk Tonight in C4 at 6pm - 7pm:
A Portrait of Josette Wiggan

Josette Wiggan, who is our special guest tonight, is one of today´s most talented and experienced tap dancers in the business of percussive jazz rhythms. She started out in Los Angeles together with her brother Joseph, both turning professional at a very early age. They have both been regulars at Herräng Dance Camp and other dance events for many years as well as performers in many illustrious shows including Cirque de Soleil.

December 28

Destinee Cushing with Vinspire will be teaching a free Vintage Hair 101 class for men and women on the 29th from 7:00 - 8:00pm in the Clarion C4 room! She will share all of her secrets for authentic vintage hair that holds up all day and night.

December 28
Contest desk hours
Wednesday 28th: 12:00-14:00, 17:30-18:30

Thursday 29th: 12:00-14:00 (more info on competitions)

December 28
Lennart Westerlund Talk Tonight in C4 at 6pm - 7pm:
Cavalcade of Hollywood Classics:

The Hollywood archives offer an endless collection of dance clips from the golden age of musicals. In this film presentation including background comments, we will spend some time together with movie stars such as Eleanor Powell, Marilyn Monroe and Fred Astaire, but also Harold Nicholas, Whity´s Lindy Hoppers and many more known and unknown artists of the era.

December 27

Lennart Westerlund Talk Tonight in C4 at 6pm - 7pm:

Dawn Hampton - Legendary Jazz Dancer and Jazz Musician

Legendary ms Dawn Hampton passed away in September this year, 88 years old. For many years, she was a most vital and expressive part of the revival of the Lindy Hop. The presentation will start with a short documentary around the Hampton family, and will be followed by a discussion around her legacy and contribution. Special guest includes Naomi Uyama. More guests might be added.


Kyle Smith Talk Tonight in C4 at 7pm - 8pm:

The Best Song Ever...

December 26

Schedule Change December 27th - We have discovered a conflict with the schedule and need to make a minor change. Please help us spread this to your friends. It is our mistake and we truly apologize for any inconvenience. But with this change we hope to make most of the people happy.

New time for Lindy Hop Teacher Auditions in Clarion 3:
Lindy Hop Advanced = 12.10-13.10
Lindy Hop IntermediateAdvanced = 13.10-14.10

See schedule here >>


December 26
The additional class ”spinns & Turns” with Jenny will be moved to December 30 12.10-13.10 in Clarion 3.

December 20
The Snowball reception will be open 4:00pm-01:00am on the 26th and 8:30 and most of the day/night on the 27th.

November 11
LAST CHANCE TO ORDER THE NYE DINNER ~ The New Years Dinner is filling up and the last day to book is on Tuesday 13th. Don´t miss it!


November 10
REMEMBER TO VISIT OUR WEB STORE ~ Make sure to order your Snowball items such as hoodies, t-shirts, shoe bags and other stuff in time (before Dec 15th). It will, as ususal, also be possible to buy some Snowball merchandise at the event. But note that some items online, like the pink hoodie, won´t be available on site.

Order here:

November 28 Katie, a professional makeup artist will bring KM Makeup to the Snowball this year! She promise to tailor your look to match your individual style and enhance your natural beauty. Whether it´s for a performance, competition, New Year"s Eve or just to complete your vintage look, you will be looking your absolute best! More information and how to sign up here >>


November 6

Destinee Cushing will be bringing her Vinspire Salon to Snowball this year! She'll be offering vintage hairstyles, vintage haircuts, along with some modern options, more information here>>

November 5

We are very happy to welcome Fatima back to The Snowball, Fatima will be teaching Jazz!

November 4
A professional masseuse will be available for you during the Snowball, from the 27th (right when your muscles start to complain) to the end of the event. More information here!

October 15

Check out the New Years menu for this year!

October 9
Like last year there will be a vintage market located outside of Clarion Upper. VinSinn will be back with their fine selection of vintage items, Saskia is back to sell her self made flowers as well as HepCat Store that will sell dance shoes.

October 4

For the first time at the Snowball we are introducing Peer Auditions for Lindy Hop IntermediateAdvanced and Advanced. More information on both Lindy and Balboa auditions here >>

October 4

We are happy to add Jessica Lennartsson and Anders Sihlberg to our teachers line 

September 7
We are very happy to welcome Josette back to The Snowball this year!

August 14
Volunteering at the Snowball!

Are you interested in working for the camp in exchange for a Bronze pass? Please send an email to Tell us a little bit about yourself and if you have volunteered for the Snowball or other camps before.


What does it mean to volunteer at the Snowball?

We offer daytime and/or nighttime work. If you want to volunteer you need to be there December 26/( afternoon) to January 1st (until dance ends). Our most common volunteer work includes checking wristbands in the venues located outside of the hotel during the workshops, or check wristbands during the dance evenings, but it can be other things as well. Our volunteers work approx. 25-27 hours spread over the 7 days of the event in exchange for a Bronze pass.

August 11
We are very happy to welcome Pontus Persson & Isabella Gregorio back as lindy instructors this year!

Speaking of great come backs - The Hot Sugar Band and Gentlemen and Gangsters are now added to the band line up

Last year we introduced a brand new dance floor and 2 live band nights in the Balboa room. This year we can look forward to 3 nights with live music on top of the already good music played by our DJ:s!

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