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The Snowball 2018. Photograph by Sabina

Classes start on December 27th and run through the 31st.

Before you sign up please consider your level carefully. It’s more rewarding at a dance camp or in classes if you sign up to the correct level from the beginning. Read more about our workshop tracks here!



Taster classes 2022!

​Track – You select a main track and level and stay with this track for all four days of the workshop.  If you choose the ‘gold pass’ you can chose two tracks depending on the schedule.

We have different class levels to make your learning experience better at the Snowball. Unfortunately that means we can't guarantee that each level will see all of our teaching couples but we have hired some of our favorite teachers from around the world so we know that whoever you get- you'll have some great classes. Thank you for understanding.

Register together – If you register with a dance partner, you need to register on the same day for the same level.  For our records please have the leader register just before the follower.

Additional 'taster' classes – Most days there will be one additional taster class that you can choose from (if you're already registered for classes).  Examples of taster classes; charleston, big apple, shim sham etc.


Lindy Hop
There will be auditions for level Advanced.

The teachers will divide the group, audition will most likely take place December 27th.

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