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The Snowball
The Snowball


Swing It
We are happy to present beautiful and original clothes that will make you feel exceptional! Our clothes are based on original patterns from 1930 – 1960. We choose fabrics very carefully to get the best quality and appearance for your maximum satisfaction, our garments are designed to be “dancer friendly”, which means that clothes are flexible or loose and made from breathable fabrics to ensure your comfort while dancing. 
We also specialize in leather shoes and all the production is held in Poland.

FromChloe Hong
Dance clothes and shoes for both women and men.


Our handcrafted shoes are entirely produced in Italy.

The excellent leathers we select both for the uppers and the linings allow your feet to breathe naturally and easily adapt to their shape.

The Trankyshoes are light, comfortable and resoltable, with a particularly soft insole and a flexible bottom made of Italian leather.

They are designed not only for dancers but also for vintage and craftsmanship lovers.

Handmade dance shoes for both men and women.

Förbli is a clothing brand inspired by the past and adapted for today and tomorrow. The founders and designers Bianca Locatelli and Nils Andrén create timeless garments made with quality, durability and value without tearing on the environment. All the collections are handmade in Sweden and made of leftover fabrics and are therefore limited and won’t be repeated. 

At the Snowball event you will be able to see their collections and buy or pre order the garments at a discounted price. Förbli will have a special “The Snowball” surprise. Hurry to the stand to get it! 

 Visit or @forbli.official on Instagram. 

Snowball Merchandise


As always you can buy Snowball T-shirts, bags and gadgets.


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