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Your international online shop for vintage-inspired styles.We offer a fine selection of  items for men and women, including clothing, shoes, accessories, gifts and much more. Suitable for Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston and Collegiate Shag dancers, for vintage lovers, for any festive occasion or for your day to day wear.
We are dedicated to follow vintage trends, creating new vintage looks, and provide you with an excellent and wide-range collection. Here at ViNSiNN you will find vintage-style clothing that allows freedom of movement and is very suitable for dancing. We only carry brands whose quality and style meet our high standards.We travel with our ViNSiNN collection to swing festivals in France and Europe.

Our boots and derbies ally comfort and elegance. Sewed with quality leathers and using colours we love, our goal today is to bring colours to your feet!

In the beginning of the 20th century there was a saying “To London for a suit, to Paris for a shirt, to Warsaw for shoes”. This time, however, it’s Warsaw that comes to Stockholm. Hepcats is the first Polish brand producing swing dance shoes. Original designs inspired by vintage style combined with new technology of production make these shoes a dream of the followers. Designed and produced in Poland. From dancers - for dancers.


Our handcrafted shoes are entirely produced in Italy.


The excellent leathers we select both for the uppers and the linings allow your feet to breathe naturally and easily adapt to their shape.

The Trankyshoes are light, comfortable and resoltable, with a particularly soft insole and a flexible bottom made of Italian leather.

They are designed not only for dancers but also for vintage and craftsmanship lovers.

La MilongaM
Tailor made Vintage & Retro pants for swing dancers are available in different models and textile according to personnel taste and size, for men we also carry tailor made classic swing suit, waistcoat, shirt and several different models of pants in the 1920-40's style.


Begona Cervera Swingz
 Our aim is to express beauty and femininity through hand-made shoe-manufacturing, achieving a perfect mix of music and dance, and allowing you to personally chose your materials, colour, style and heel heights. Our personalized shoe advisors are always here to help, because we want your uniquely designed shoes to fit you as you deserve.

Snowball Merchandise


Like previous years you can buy Snowball Hoodies, Tshirts, bags and gadgets.