The Snowball 2018. Photo by Sabina Tabak

December 22 - The Snowball 2021 is cancelled! 

We are so very sorry to inform you that, due to the Covid-19 situation and new restrictions announced yesterday by the Swedish government and health authorities, we are forced to cancel The Snowball 2021.


The new restrictions are effective and ongoing from 23 December, detailed on the following website:


We are working hard to see if it is still possible to run an online event with all live classes from 27th-30th December. If we can, you will be able to join our classes from anywhere in the world. 

A separate announcement will be made about this very shortly. 

December 20 - Class schedule updated

December 18 - Stockholm Swing All Stars playing live for not one but 2 nights at the Snowball 2021! 

December 14  Live and in-person Alba & Gaston are teaching at Snowball 2021!

December 8 Live and in-person Frida & Skye are teaching at Snowball 2021!

December 3 - HOT SUGAR BAND is coming to the Snowball 2021! 

December 1 -  Congrats to 2021 Normalizer champions Nils and  Bianca. We are thrilled to announce they will be teaching live and in person at the Snowball in just 4 weeks! 

November 23-Live and in-person Joanna & Henric are teaching at Snowball 2021!

November 18 - Live and in-person Helena is teaching jazz at Snowball 2021!

November 10 - Live and in-person Andreas Olsson and Olga Marina are teaching at Snowball 2021!

Registration will be opening soon. We will make a big announcement when we have a registration date!

November 5 - Live and in-person Remy & Alice will be teaching at Snowball 2021!
Registration will be opening soon. Stay tuned for details!

October 1 -  We are happy to announce that the Snowball will be happening in some form this December. We loved gathering together digitally last year but of course we are also hoping for in-person possibilities. We will be monitoring the government's restrictions being removed here in Sweden and we are currently exploring all of our options. Due to the fluid nature of the situation we will be opening registration later in Fall. However we can make it happen we invite you to save those special days before New Years to dance, enjoy music, and connect with fellow dancers at the Snowball 2021.

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