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The Snowball Policy
The Snowball will not tolerate any signs of harassment, psychological, physical, or sexual at the event. Should you experience any unpleasant situation or witness harassment of any kind we would like to know. Please bring your concerns to The Snowball crew: Kenneth, Hasse, Marie, Helena, or to our Snowball reception crew. The Clarion Hotel reception, which is open 24/7, will also be ready to offer support in any way they can in these situations and assist if the police or an ambulance needs to be involved. As organisers we reserve the right to take any action we seem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event with no refund.

We respect the privacy of our customers and to give you a better insight into the handling of your personal information we have updated our Privacy Policy. Here you will find a link to our Privacy Policy.


Is it is possible to volunteer at The Snowball?
If you are interested in volunteering at The Snowball, please contact us at:

Workshop and Evenings
Can I as a follower sign up with a leader who is already registered? No, you have to find a leader that is not yet registered. Then you need to sign up together for the same level on the same or following day.  Please have the leader sign up before the follower (for our keeping track).

What happens if I end up on a waiting list?
The confirmation e-mail will tell you not to pay since you are on a waiting list. When there is a spot available, you will get an e-mail from us with information on what to do next. If you don’t get into the level you want you can always change to a Bronze pass (party pass) for evening dances only, you are guaranteed a Bronze pass as long as you are on the waiting list.

Will there be audition for lindy hop advanced, intermediate/advanced and balboa advanced level?
Yes, you will find information about that here >>

What will happen if I can’t attend the Peer audition in lindy hop?

If you for some reason cannot attend the peer audition, there is a ‘second chance’ on the 27th in the teacher audition, there you will be in a separate group with those that did not attend to the peer audition the day before. In this group you will not rate each other, it will be the teachers that look at you and place you in the group they believe you belong in.  We strongly advise you to try to be part of the peer audition since this will give you the best chance of ending up in the right level.

Signing up with someone is possible, but it has to be with someone that has not yet registered.  You need to sign up together on the same or following day.  Please have the leader sign up first and then the follower.



Who can attend the additional taster classes? 

The taster classes are included if you buy the Gold, Silver or Black pass, you can not buy additional taster classes separately.

Can I share a workshop pass with a friend?
No, you can not share a workshop pass with another person.

Do you have a schedule for The Snowball?

Yes, we have a preliminary schedule

Where will the workshops be held?

At Clarion Sign Hotel, Östra Järnvägsgatan 35, close to Centralstation in Stockholm and in the area around the hotel (everything within walking distance).

Are there changing rooms at workshop venues?


Can I sell my ticket to another person?

You can sell your ticket.  The potential buyer should not yet be registered. You can advertise via our Facebook page and when you are done please send an e-mail to info(@) to inform us about the name of the person replacing you.

Can I share a Bronze pass with a friend?
You can not share a Bronze pass with another person, unless you are a family bringing your small children. If that applies to you please contact info(@) and we'll work something out.

Is there a dinner on New Years Eve?

And is it included in the price for the workshop & parties?

There is a special dinner served on New Year's Eve, but it is not included in the pass prices. For more information go to our New Years page.

Is the New Years Eve dance included in the price for the workshop & parties?

Yes, and so is the midnight toast (however New Year's Eve dinner is not included).

Is there an evening package that includes the evening dances and New Year's Eve?

Yes, we do offer the “Bronze pass = Nights only”. More information on the Event pricing page.

Can I buy tickets for the evening dances at the door?

We will sell some tickets at the door for some of the nights (26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and the 1st) as long as there is space left.

I plan to come only 2 or 3 nights - Do I have to buy a bronze pass or is it possible to be on a "list", so that I can be sure to get a ticket at the door?
The answer is unfortunately no. We have to prioritize the people that buy a Bronze pass. We will be posting every day on our FB event page if we have tickets to sell at the door that night.






I'm traveling alone but would like to share a hotel room with someone. What do I do?


It is possible to share a hotel room with 2 other people, please look at our travel page for more information.  If you want to find a host dancer that lives in Stockholm we suggest you to visit and post on our Facebook page.

What are the typical weather conditions in Stockholm for the 26 December – 2 January?

Normally it is cold in Stockholm at this time. There might be (hopefully) snow and the temperature varies between zero to minus 15 degrees (Celsius).

Can I pay in cash when I arrive at camp?
No, your registration will not be complete until payment is received. Payment should be fully paid 10 days after booking, or your booking will be subject to cancellation.

Can I get a refund if I can’t come?

We give NO refunds at all after October 1st!  If you cancel before October 1st there will still be a small administration fee.

Didn't find you question here?
Contact us at info(a)

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