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Lesters Blues
Christoffer Johansson
Enric Peidro Swingtet
Hasse Ling & His Syncopators of Swing
Hot Sugar Band
Hornsgatan Ramblers
Stockholm Swing Allstars

Hot Sugar Band – France (27/12, 28/12, 30/12, 31/12)

The Hot Sugar Band takes you right back to the 1930′s ballrooms of Harlem, straight in to the golden age of Jazz. They are young and inspired by the greats such as Fats Waller, Count Basie, John Kirby, Charlie Christian, and Django Reinhardt and they will without a doubt make you move.

Stockholm Swing All Stars – SWE (28/12, 29/12)

Since their conception in 2002, The Stockholm Swing All Stars have had great success touring all over Scandinavia, playing in concert halls, at jazz festivals, and in clubs. The tailor-made arrangements highlight the various members’ personalities. Their music is full of energy and swing, sometimes virtuosic, sometimes quietly beautiful. Challenging, yet inviting.


Hasse Ling & His Syncopators of Swing  SWE (26/12)
Hasse Ling and his Syncopators of Swing play music from the 1930's and 40’s. With one leg in rhythm & blues and the other one in jazz this band brings a broad diversity of swing music for dancers to enjoy.


Hornsgatan Ramblers - SWE (27/12)

A jazz octet from Stockholm Sweden. Their emphasis is on thirties and forties swing, striving after the sound of the small bands of giants, such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Benny Goodman. This paired with the bands' own adaptations and arrangements of big band originals has given the Ramblers a sound of their own.

By now their music has brought them to countries such as Korea, China, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Lithuania, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and beyond. And of course all over Sweden.

Enric Peidro Swingtet – ESP (28/12, 29/12, 30/12) 
A self taught musician, Peidro began playing tenor at the age of fourteen. A couple of years later he was playing on several blues and rhythm and blues bands. His interest in Jazz developed quickly and since then, Peidro has remained loyal to his musical heros: tenor masters like Ben Webster, Don Byas, Coleman Hawkins ,Lester Young and also some of their disciples, like illinois Jacquet, Arnett Cobb, Buddy Tate, etc. In the later years, he works mainly as a band leader with two main units under his name. Peidro's sound and phrasing are deeply rooted in the swing-era, and his approach is natural and genuine.

Lesters Blues - BE (29/12, 30/12, 31/12) 

A swing jazz septet from Belgium formed to pay tribute to the artistry of Lester Young, Count Basie and their peers.

Lester’s Blues lend their name from a bittersweet song by saxophonist Lester Young,  Inspired by 1930’s small band recordings of Count Basie and his alumni, Lester’s Blues is aiming to approach their effortless and galant style. The septet is modelled after some of the bands the Count recorded with: a four-piece rhythm section, piano and rhythm guitar, and three horns, composed of leading Belgian and Dutch seasoned jazz players.

Since 2016 the band has played at many jazz and dance festivals and venues. Their debut album ‘Red Label: Hommage to Lester Young & the Basie-ites’ from 2018 which was recorded without computers, live in one room straight to tape and issued on all analog vinyl (analog mastered and cut), received lots of positive acclaim and sold to an international audience. Lester’s Blues is now back with a follow-up: ‘Blue Label: Radio Rhythm’!



On the Blues/Slow Lindy floor:

Christoffer Johansson – SWE (28/12, 29/12)

Christoffer Johansson has a way of taking the stage and making it his. With faultless sense for drama and suspense, he reproduces the blues, ballads and spirituals of early 20th century America. Whether plucking his strings or just clapping out a rhythm, his gritty voice will keep you spellbound, hanging on every word.

Bluesman Bill Öhrström -SWE (27/12)

A legend in the Swedish blues scene. Here we meet the singer and harmonica player in the best possible company with guitarist Kenny Håkansson, a guitar legend. Together they make fantastic blues interpretations of jazz standards.

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