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You feel comfortable with the swingout, lindy circle, tuck turn, charleston variations, and other basic 8 and 6 count material. In this level you will build up your lead and follow technique, musicality, learn classic lindy hop moves as well as new more challenging material, and improve your styling.


You have been dancing for a couple of years and you can confidently dance all the basic patterns mentioned for the Intermediate level as well as variations on those patterns. There will be a lot of new material and different tempos to expand and improve your vocabulary of moves and technique. 


To be in this level you will have to dance in the audition, with the chance you may be moved down if another level is a better fit.


The Top
Register for Advanced and you have the chance to get in to The Top during the Audition for Advanced lindy hop.


You are regularly taking classes and attend balboa workshops whenever you can. You are confident with your basic movements in both pure bal and bal-swing and want to learn more interesting patterns, improve your basic footwork as well as learn new variations. You are working on making your dancing more fluid and musical. 

Same as the above description but you also have a good idea about your own styling.  You practice balboa regularly, not only in the classroom but also by yourself. You like challenges like competitions and teaching other people the dance.

You have taken Solo Jazz classes before and probably been to a solo workshop or two. Learning steps in a sequence is not a problem and you like to be challenged with new steps. These classes will focus on expanding your dance repertoire and building your musicality and technique.

In this level we expect you to have taken several Solo Jazz classes and workshops.  You are already experienced, used to solo movement, and want to challenge yourself even more. You know and remember such routines as the Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, and Big Apple. An intense and exciting level if you are ready for it!

Over the years the team at the Snowball have been gradually introducing blues to our dance event. We started slowly, introducing the dance, adding a blues track and offering a dedicated blues room with live bands and experienced DJ’s. 
This year 2023 we are excited to announce that we are going to take a deeper dive into the blues genre! We intend to give a more in-depth understanding of all the blues variations including Delta, Piedmont, Kansas City, Chicago, Rhumba, Nola Blues etc.…
We will delve into the history of this Afro American culture, the variations expressed in different areas and time frames in the USA. Story telling is the backbone of this dance and we hope this inspires you to expand your knowledge and immerse yourself in this truly wonderful dance!


This level is for those of you who have little or no experience of blues dance and its variations. We will work on the basic steps including Chicago triple, Strutting and Savoy Walk. This will give you a good foundation and build confidence to get you on the dance floor and have fun! 

You take classes regularly or practice with friends, dance in front of the mirror and have attended other blues dance festivals before. You are working on your own style in different idioms or have already taken the blues track at snowball before. You can feel the rhythm and dynamics of the music, adapt your movement to suit it and add your personality in every dance.  You understand that blues dancing is not much about what you do but how you do it. You are here to refine your dance and add your own personality to it.

Additional Taster Classes
Additional taster classes are for students that are already signed up for a track. Some examples of additional class subjects are: charleston, footwork, shim sham, jazz etc.


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